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Sheldon Sporting Spirit
140628 - Best Dog 4'th CC. Judge Debbie Pearson.
140512 - DKK INT Roskilde Denmark CC.

Congrats to owner Pia Sundström !

Sheldon Scuba Steve
140607 - SKK INT Vänersborg Best Dog CC. Judge Johnny Andersson.

Sheldon Stella Luna
140518 - SKK INT Hässleholm 1'st Junior, Best Bitch 4'th R-CC.

Rivermist Two Socks
140510 - Best Dog 2'nd CC at SKK Nat Lindköping. Judge Eva Eriksson.
140507 - SSSK Specialityshow Hässleholm Best Dog 2'nd R-CC.
140518 - SKK INT Hässleholm 1'st Open & Best Dog 3'rd.

SweCH NorwCH DeutchCH Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply
140419 - BOB Champion at International Show in Goes , Holland.
Judge Mrs J. Wall

GBCH Sheldon Simply Simon of Lochkaren JW
Winner of 2CC - 1RCC

Crufts - 1st YD (M.Ewing)
SSC of Wales Ch Show - Best Dog CC & BEST IN SHOW (J.Ferris, S.Atkins)
Scottish Breeds Ch Show - Best Dog CC (S.Wigglesworth)
SSC of North Wales Open Show - 1st GD (B.Gregory)
Working & Pastoral Breeds A of Wales Champ Show - 1st GD & Res Best Dog RCC (G.Duffield

8'th of march
Teensy Toot wins CC at biggest speciality of the year !
At the Swedish Shetland SheepdogClub biggest speciality show of the year, Vilsta, Sheldon Teensy Tot wins a big openclass and ended up as Best Bitch 2'nd with CC !
Judge was Mylee Thomas.

Thank you so much !

Sheldon Teensy Tot

6'th of january

Sheldon start of the new year winning CC's !
First show of the year, MYDOG INT dogshow in Gothenburg, Sheldon Biscuit Boy wins second CC & Best Dog 3'rd in a very strong breed.
Thank you to the judge of the day, Kurt Nilsson!

Sheldon Biscuit Boy

Show Ya Wins R-CC
Sheldon Show Ya wins R-CC at Swedish Shetland Sheepdog Clubs show at Sundsvall.
Owner is Margareta Eklund, Cherryline shelties

Sheldon Show Ya


Kevin wins BOB !
Rivermist Two Socks wins BOB & his third CC at Svenskavik INT KC show

Rivermist Two Socks

Shilly Shally 4'th best bitch !
Sheldon Shilly Shally wins open class bithes and ended up as 4'th best bitch at Swedish Shetland Sheepdogclubs Speciality show in Vilsta.
Judge was Anna Uthorn, Shelgate shelties.

Sheldon Shilly Shally

25'th os august
Kevin wins BOB & Group 4'th !
Rivermist Two Socks was Best Dog with CC at Backamo Ljungskile NAT.
This was his 3'rd CC from youthclass.

Sheldon Teensy Toot was 2'nd Best Bitch with ReserveCC.
Judge was: Liz-Beth Liljeqvist, swe.

We are so pleased !

Rivermist Two Socks


13'th of july
Pontiac is now crowned !
Sheldon Sinner wins Best Dog with his final CC & CACIB, making him a brand new Swedish Champion for Sheldon ! We are so proud !
" Meja " Sheldon Shilly Shally was 3'rd Best Bitch with ReserveCC & ReserveCACIB.
Judge was Johnny Andersson, SWE

 Thank you so much!

SEUCH NOUCH Sheldon Sinner
Photo: Sheldon

29'th of june
Double Show weekend !
Saturday Swedish KennelClubs National show at Borås. " Pontiac " , Sheldon Sinner , was 3'rd Best Dog with ReserveCC on the Saturday. On the sunday - at the Swedish Shetland Sheepdog Clubs speciality show he got the same result, 3'rd Best Dog with ReserveCC.

Sheldon Shilly Shally was Best Bitch with CC and BOS at the speciality !

Judge NAT: Barbara Thornley, UK
Judge SPEC males: Gwen Beaden, UK
Judge SPEC bitches: Anna Albrigo, IT

 Thank you both so much!

Sheldon Sinner

Photo: Sheldon

Sheldon Shilly Shally

Photo: Karin Johansson


7'th of june
Pontiac gains his second CC !
Sheldon Sinner wins CC and Best Dog 2'nd at INT show in Vänserborg.
Judge was Anna Uthorn , Sweden.

 Thank you so much!

Sheldon Sinner
Photo: Sheldon

19'th of may
Pontiac wins Best Dog !
Sheldon Sinner wins CC , Best Dog & BOS at swedish Kennelclub show in Hässleholm.
Judge was specialist Carin Åkesson - Sweden.

 Thank you !

Sheldon Sinner
Photo: Sheldon

11'th of may
Kevin wins his first CC !
Our newest member of the Sheldon-family, Riwermist Two socks won
his class of juniormales and his first CC at Lidköping SKK Nat.
Jude of the day was Torbjörn Skaar - Sweden.

 Thank you !

Riwermist Two Socks
Photo: Sheldon

6'th of januari
Pontiac did great at Vilsta specialty!
Sheldon Sinner - " Pontiac " won a BIG class of Open dogs (38 males!) and ended up as 4'th Best Male at Swedish SheltieClubs yearly specialtyshow. Vilsta is the biggest sheltie specialtyshow of the year and had almost 200 dogs entered!
Judging males did Johnny Andersson, Sweden.
 Thank you !

Sheldon Sinner

Photo: Karin Johansson


6'th of januari
Magnus is now a Swedish & Norwegian Champion !
Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply - " Magnus " won his third and final CC this weekend at Gothenburg Double INT KC show, making him a brand new Swedish and Norwegian Champion! The same say he got the CACIB, Best Male & also BOS.
The day after he got Best Dog 2'nd.
We are so thrilled & congratulations to Magnus's owner Monica Mattfolk, Yosemite's shelties !

 Thank you so much to the judges who has appreciated him!

Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply

Photo: Karin Johansson

2'nd of december
Simon is doing great in UK !
Sheldon Simply Simon went Best Puppy, Best of Breed Adult, Group 3'rd Adult and finished off with winning the Pastoral Puppy Group at Sedgley & Gornal show !

He was also 1st MPD (Judge June Rutterford) at South Wales Ch Show & 1st MPD (judge Jim Martin) at the ESSC Ch Show.
Thanks to all the judges who appreciate out boy !

Daisy CC-winner !
Sheldon Temptation won Best Bitch with CC & CACIB at Swedish KC show in Högbo !
Thank you to judge David Paquette, Canada.

Photo: Karin Johansson

26'th of august
Billy Best Male !
Sheldon Biscuit Boy was awarded Best Male today at Backamo !
He also gained the CC and ended up as Best Opposite.
Thank you to judge Johan Andersson, Swe.

Photo: Karin Johansson

29'th of june
Jimmy & Smarty did it again !
Sheldon Storm in A Teacup " Smarty ", has just turned 1 years old and together with his daddy Jimmy , they are now competing in obedience class 3 , with the big boys & girls !
This is amazing , we are so proud of you two !

30'th of june
Simon makes his debute !
Sheldon Simply Simon " Simon " goes BOS-puppy on his very first apperence in the showrings at the Swedish SheltieClubs Special Show in Borås.
At the same show , " Billy " - Sheldon Bisquit Boy was placed 4'th Best Male with RCAC.
Judge of the day was Geoff Duffield , UK.

And the day after at Swedish KC in Borås ...

... Sheldon Summer Flirt " Pepsi " was awardes CQ & BOS-Veteran of the show.
What a great weekend for us !

Photo: Karin Johansson

20'th of june
Congrats Jimmy & Smarty !
Sheldon Storm in A Teacup " Smarty ", and his owner Jimmy Johansson
are competing in obedience with great results !
On their first try this couple was "upgraded" to Obedience class 2 with 169 points at 17'th of june.
We are so proud , way to go !

5'th of may
Pepsi Best In Show Veteran 3'rd !
Sheldon Summer Flirt was Best Bitch 4'th & Best Veteran at Hässleholm international Show !
Judge was Sandra Wigglesworth.
Pepsi was placed as nr 3 later on in the Best Veteran in Show finals.
Judging finals did Peggy Bailey.
Way to go Pepsi !

Photo: Karin Johansson

5'th of may
Magnus & Pepsi made us proud !
Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply - " Magnus " won a CC today at Skara KC's national show in Lidköping.
Sheldon Summer Flirt - " Pepsi " was Best Veteran today at a age of 8 years !

Judge: Sonja Björklund , Swe
 Thank you so much !

Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply

Photo: Karin Johansson

17'th of march
Pontiac is doing great in Norway !
Sheldon Sinner - " Pontiac " won a CC this weekend at Norweigan KennelClub in Harstad.
Judge was Svante Frisk ( Swe ) & handler was Finn-Helge Olsen , Mainland's shelties.
Thank you so much !

Sheldon Sinner


25'th of february
Tony is Best Veteran Dog of 2011 !

Now it's official !
" Tony " , MultiCh Multi Winner Sheldon Space Joker is the Best Veteran Sheltiemale of 2011 in Sweden !
Tony has collected enough points during the year and recieved this award from the
Swedish Shetland Sheepdog Club.

We are so proud over our boy !

MultiCh MultiWinner
Sheldon Space Joker

Photo: Karin Johansson

25'th of february - Sheltie Club Show Vilsta
Magnus did well !

" Magnus " , Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply won a large youthclass & was placed as 2'nd Best Male
(out of 100+ males , beating specials ) & was awarded Reserve - CC.

Bermarks Cleo " Jasmine " won babyclass bitches on her first outing.
Judges was Anna Uthorn - Sweden ( puppies )
& Diane Bartholmew - UK ( males )

Thank You !

Sheldon Truly Madly Deeply

Photo: Karin Johansson

8'th of january - MyDog INT KC Show in Gothenburg
Totte is now Swedish Champion !

Totte gained his Championtitle on his first try after arriving with us !
Thank you judge Göran Bodegård (Swe) !

Yosemite's Design For Me

Photo: Karin Johansson

december 2011
Our new website is up and running !
Welcome to our new website - hope you'll enjoy it,
and don't forget to leave a mark in our guestbook !

Thank you for visiting our website !

december 2011

Welcome Totte !

Photo: Karin Johansson

Yosemite's Design For Me
Totte will be staying with us for a while.
Thank you Monica Mattfolk , Yosemites shelties , for this oppurtunity !
Read more about Totte HERE !

While Totte is staying with us , our
MultiCh Sheldon Serio Comic "Jonny" is staying with Monica.